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Monday, 8 June 2015

Sawat Valley, A Paradise on Earth

travel tipsSAWAT is known as the Switzerland of Pakistan. It is one of the lush valleys of northern Pakistan and is well connected to the rest of Pakistan. There are regular flights from Islamabad to SAWAT and back for travellers convince. Visitors can also choose to get here from Peshawar (160 miles) or Islamabad. (250 KM) The valley of SAWAT is located in the mid of the bottom of the Hindukush mountain range.
SAWAT valley is a habitation for slackening Lover, Hiker and archaeologist.

 There are many comfortable hotels where one can stay. Valley SAWAT is a sparkling jewel created by Almighty that is an exact imitation of the glorious Alps in Switzerland. Like the Alps several immense and high mountain ranges surround this extensive and fascinating valley. The river and streams are swarming with SAWATi fish and the juicy trout, the treasurable and enjoyable gifts of nature. Several private and public hatcheries of trout fish are the unique features of SAWAT valley. In the cold and clear water of the valley, the trout fish nurtures and flourishes by leaps and bounds.

Sawat travel tips

SAWAT is surely a paradise for nature lovers where they can banquet their eyes on the diverse gluts of nature ranging from the densely forested mountains to the snaking rivers and torrents. National and international tourists chose SAWAT for their stay as all other beautiful sites and valleys can be easily accessed from this central valley.

Lush green trees that cover the landscape bear fruits of numerous colors and tastes. Wild fig, berries, persimmon, olive, oak, wild pear and citric fruits proliferate in the valley and can be found everywhere. Apple, plum, apricot, peach and pear orchards are spread all over the valley. Maize, wheat, onions, potatoes, and beans are the major yield of the agriculture land in the valley.

travel tipsThere are lot of hotels and travel agencies which provide Services to organize special tours for SAWAT for foreigners as well as for Pakistanis. If you wish to book a hotel in SAWAT they book individual hotels for you at 60% discounted rates.

There is a list of different hotels in SAWAT and nearby areas given below.

  •  SAWAT Serena Hotel
  •  PTDC Motel Saidu Sharief
  •  SAWAT Continental Hotel
  •  Pameer hotel Mingora
  •  Hotel White Palace SAWAT SAWAT
  •  PTDC Malam Jabba Ski Resort SAWAT
  •  PTDC Motel Miandam SAWAT
  •  PTDC Malam Jabba Ski Resort SAWAT
  •  PTDC Motel Miandam SAWAT
  •  PTDC Motel Kalam Kalam
  • Rockcity Resort SAWAT SAWAT