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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

3 Budget Friendly Destinations in ASIA for 2014

Money is always a constraint in today's world, but that doesn't mean you can't plan a fun vacation in a tight budget, it just takes a few tricks and some smart thinking in order to pull it off. Here is what I found to be useful when planning a money conscious vacation. Feast your eyes on 2014's most desiring destinations in Asia.

Lahore, Pakistan

Travel trip to historical places in lahore
The one and only city in the world famous in these words ‘‘One who has not visited Lahore is not born yet’’. The local people around here are famous about their lively hearts. Lahore is a best historical city which is the most favorite place of Mughal emperors, the city is rich of splendid historical monuments which are the glance of the country. A city with crowded retail markets of every necessity of life, rich of historical gardens and Mughal heritage, it’s the pride and fortunate of Lahore that many great sufi saints lived in this part of the world.The best ever place for travelers who love food.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Travel to Maldives - A Perfect Example of Paradise

island romantic resortMaldives a cluster of islands situated on the southern part of Lakshadweep islands of India and approximately 700 km southwest of Sri Lanka, where sands are white as the smiles of the inhabitants, where fish swim happily in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where the weather is a dream, and the deep gleams of the sun wait to swamp you their arms.Abundant aquatic life and magnificent coral reefs of Maldives makes it an apparent choice for scuba divers. Maldives can be exactly called a collection of coral islands situated on the Indian Ocean.if you are soon planning to fly off to Maldives to enjoy perfect trip, then must go through my travel tips for will help you to never forget about the most exciting things to do during the trip
  • If you have sufficient budget then Staying in the exotic water resorts or a water villa Surrounded by endless sea, is the most luxurious experience to do in Maldives islands
  • Don’t forget to soothe your body and mind with expert spa and yoga treatment.There are the world's best Coco spas  and yoga resorts which gives ultimate source of pleasure and relaxation
  • The last but most important, never forget to enjoy under sea dine out center Conrad Maldives at Rangali. It’s a glass covered eat out center under the sea, having lavish food with numerous water animals outside the glass is really dreamy 
Budgeted Island
To be very honest, if you want to see how nature play with color of the setting sun then Maldives is as essential and advisable paradise  to visit to forget the routine stress of life and refresh the your mind and soul. Humid, warm and sunny weather all through the whole year makes Maldives a favorable beach. After a trip of Maldives your heart and soul must be witness of my words.Don’t forget to share your experience with me and my readers.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Tips for Accommodation if you are at Brazil for World Cup 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup would be the most logistically difficult World Cup ever, spread across 12 host cities and in the most football mad country on planet. Although Tourism Ministry has recently announced they will "control" hotels rates during special events to "guarantee that hotels would not abuse prices during the upcoming sporting events." Such price controls may help keep apartment rates competitive during the World Cup for travelers.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Budget Planning for 2014 FIFA World Cup

Budgeted travel trip
The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be one of the biggest and most thrilling events of the year for football fans. It can get costly with tickets, food, lodging and other accommodations, for those who are not from the host country of Brazil. It will require you to travel to Brazil for being a spectator in this awesome event live.
While substantial price tags can add up to an expensive trip. It's possible to enjoy a budget-friendly world cup experience without breaking the bank. There are ways to save some money during the travelling with some attentive planning.In order to Travel on a Budget, first determine how much money you can afford for this World Cup Trip then finalize a proximate budget idea by keeping in mind some basic points.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Kick Off Your Budget, Are You Ready For a Romantic Island Trip?

You see an island on screen and its dramatic scenery—primeval rainforest, photo-ready waterfalls force you to be the part of that fantasy with your sweetheart, But the budget is constraint between you and your dream. So let’s forget about the budget just take a look on my three major budget management tips for trip to island. So to kick of your budget problem and knows how you triumph extraordinary pleasure with your spouse on a romantic beach.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Budgeted stay near London Olympics Stadium

Hurry up! It’s time to secure your lodge near the Olympic park. If you want to travel in a budget then there is no time to waste. The price will goes higher with every single minute close to Olympic 2012 opening, but fortunately you can still have some time to save some pounds. Now its time to take a look on some lodges rates as there are several hotels near the Olympic park that can still fit in your budget including the one listed below

Friday, 13 July 2012

Get smaller jet flight in budget

private jet
If you think that smaller jet is only the domain of CEOs and celebrities then you are wrong. You might be think that enjoying a travel trip on smaller jet is out of your travelling budget. No it’s not like that you will be happy to know that there are many companies who provide smaller jets according to your budget preference. Now days so many companies using technology and design to down the cost up to the commercial ticket prices and provide the luxuries comfort. You get the amalgamation of style, soothe and innovation without sacrificing efficiency in your budget.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Steps to Travel on a Budget

Travel trips in Budget

In today’s high inflation economic era when expenses are high and incomes are low it’s very tricky to handle the travel budget, People think it’s not possible to spend budget friendly travelling trip. I think travelling is all about forgetting the entire stress and spending quality time in all the possible ways you enjoy wholly. Your trip can be more beautiful and relaxing if you blend them perfectly with your budget preferences. So I am telling you the art of travelling cheaply, there are some golden rules for budget friendly travelling that should cut dollars in your next trip.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Budget Travelling to Lahore

I have an excellent experience of visiting some of the best 4 star, 5 star hotels of Lahore where I got great feeling of luxury and comfort that provided by these hotels in the current worst circumstances of the country at affordable rates. As number of foreigners visits Pakistan daily with a wrong perception about Pakistan, mostly outsiders think this country is not good, its poor, failed state, corrupt and there are number of allegations we people have, but clearly its not totally the clear Picture we have outside. We are the best people with loving hearts and we believe there should be no discrimination depending upon which race a person belongs, we love humanity, cares humanity, want to share love and happiness all over the world.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My travelling tips to Enjoy Wholly

solo traveller You will get the best knowledge and experience by travelling different parts of the world. It should be fun despite of whatever you are travelling for business or enjoyment. travelling trips always brings the touch of freshness in your life. Travelling is a fantastic break to get away from the usual life and leaving behind other unnecessary anxiety. Here is little vital information which will facilitate you while you are scheduling your next travel.

Travelling tips Collect the complete information about the country or where you want to go from different sources i.e. traveler guides, internet and friends who already visited that place. After collecting all the necessary information check your finances and allocate the travelling budget which you want to spend on your trip.
  • Make, to do list this will save your time and help you to overcome the worries in your whole trip.
  • Make a plan how many days you stay there?
  • Select the clothes according to the weather of that place. Don’t take extra clothes with you try to put that type of clothes which you can wear 2 or 3 time without washing
  • Don’t forget to bring your passport/identification card and other necessary documents with you during  travel.
  • Before travelling scene and save your passport/identification card, tickets, credit cards, ATM cards and all necessary details on your web based email account.
  • Make a sticky label of your address and phone number and stick it inside the luggage.
  • Split your value able like ATM cards ,credit cards, mobile phone and place them in to different pockets to reduce the lose in case of robbing.
  • While packing put the lighter stuff in the bottom and the heavier on top in this way you feel the bag lighter.
  • Don’t forget to keep the first aid box with you when you travelling.
  • Always put your shoes in an air tight plastic bag to prevent everything in the bag order free.
  • Don’t forget to place a pocket size dairy and a camera with you to save the beautiful memories.
  • Must leave information about your trip to your relatives or friends.
  • Must have the know how of the rules and regulations of that place.
During your travel trips be yourself and calm down, you must spend the great time in your next trip if you follow the above points which all about the management to make the things easier for you. It must help you to make your trip joy full. Make sure you should have some time for yourself and your family, spend the quality time. It does not require a high travel budget you can select the place according to your pocket. It’s just all about the excellence and joy full moments you spend to energize you.