Wednesday, 30 July 2014

5 Travel Tips for Pregnant Women

Travel Tips for pregnant woman
For most women, pregnancy has its fair share of nausea, anxiety and fatigue. But the good summary is all three symptoms won't usually span the full nine months. Take advantage of the second trimester when you've expected overcome morning sickness, but not yet felt the onset of increased fatigue. When possible, it's best to schedule your Travel between the 20- and 30-week marks.
It can be perfectly safe to Travel during your pregnancy. But you'll need to do some extra planning and precautions. Here's A list of Travel Tips keep following these before you Travel in pregnancy:

Pregnancy Companion Mobile Apps

There are lot of free mobile apps in the market which helps and guide you during pregnancy with the name of free Pregnancy Companion mobile Apps, these app lets women check drug safety, track hydration, "Ask the Docs" pregnancy-related questions and follow the baby's daily growth through video and images. Use these kinds of apps during your Travel in pregnancy.

Travel Vaccinations
Avoided to travelling during your pregnancy to countries where vaccinations are needed. If you are going somewhere that requires Travel vaccinations, see your doctor. Your doctor will let you know which ones you need for the country you are visiting and which ones are safe during pregnancy.

Car Travel in Pregnancy
Make frequent breaks to stretch your legs and visit the toilet. Always wear a seatbelt. If you are sitting in the front passenger seat, move your seat well back from the dashboard to reduce airbag impact in case of a collision.

Flying in Pregnancy
Consult with your doctor to discuss any potential risks particular to your pregnancy. Check with the airline – some airlines won't allow a woman over 35 weeks to fly at all, or require a doctor’s note. Don’t forget to check the fine print of your Travel Insurance – some policies may not cover pregnancy. Arrange with the airline for a bulkhead seat or a seat near an exit for extra leg room or book an aisle seat in this way going to the toilet will be a little easier for you during flight.

Sailing in Pregnancy
Ferry companies have their own restrictions and may reject to carry heavily pregnant women (often beyond 32 weeks). Check the ferry company's policy before you book. For longer boat trips, such as cruises, find out if there are onboard facilities to deal with pregnancy and if there are medical services at the docking ports.

Don’t forget to follow these Travel Tips during Travelling in pregnancy for taking much care of yourself and your baby.

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