Saturday, 16 May 2015

Rome: The Eternal City still shines with life

Roman historyWe all do wonder about the secret of squared-shaped pizza and about Caesar's mighty kingdom, then stop wondering and experience Rome. Unlike the counterparts from the ancient world, however, Italy's capital city is full of charged individuals busy in their modern life, who catch up a bus daily to work, while ancient monuments come by every corner of the road. Like all modern capitals, like Paris or London, Rome provides its visitors with great night-life, restaurants and entertainment, but there are very few cities like Rome with the sense of history, of world changing events and great modern civilization that leaves a visitor in astonishment. The Romans somehow act the rule the world, courtesy of Caesar's bravery that he embraced long ago, but thankfully they are glad to help and make sure you love your stay at their city. If you're an intellectual visitor, find a local Roman who knows about the ancient culture and modern life of Rome, let them showyou around. 

Then its for to decide which level of Rome you desire to explore. From from the Pantheon temple and early-Christian catacombs, to contemporary street art exhibitions, a night out at one of the biggest squats in Europe and more deep-fried food than you care to imagine.

Rome travel guideThere are many Roman attraction that might require your whole day, to visit and wonder about them, such as Vatican Museum which hosts centuries old artistic and historical structures. Admission is free on last Sunday of every month. You can imagine the massive queue. Don't forget to put a reminder on your phones. The other tourist you might regret missing is Altare della Patria, the only spotless white marble building that the locals hate. You might admire to visit the monument of Victor Emmanuel for a genuine experience of the Roman history or might be the one standing outside these giants enjoying Italian ice-cream. I bet you'll be equally satisfied in both situations.

Fancy watching a movie but see no point in staying indoors on a warm Roman night? Go to one of the many arena cinemas which pop up around the city during the summer, in squares and parks, where the locals love to watch the season’s blockbusters and occasional art-house stuff. Ever attended any concert and danced to almost above 100 songs? Try coming to Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano as youngsters from across Italy gather there on first of May attend the traditional concert-one, the Big Gig, organized by the Municipality. It lasts all day long and after a sequence of 20 or so Italian pop-rock musicians, culminates with an international mainstream attraction. For the Romans it’s like going to church. Even if it’s not your thing, you end up going at least once in your life.