Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Guide to Explore The Splendid Historical Land of Turkey

Travel tips to Turkey

A splendidly historical land with some of the best cuisine you will ever taste, scenery from beaches to mountains and the great historical city of İstanbul. Istanbul is a city full of incredible attractions, folktales and secrets. Turkey's charm lies between its stunning landscapes, beautiful islands, splendid mountains and heart touching historical buildings.

On a wide bay of beautiful natural harbor Fethiye is a very traditional Turkish market town. It is a stunning bay for scuba diving and sailing on a marvelous piece of natural coastline. Fethiye has a very traditional routine and offers a change of pace for travelers always on the go. The most prominent beach in Turkey is Olu Deniz (Dead Sea) near Fethiye, a serene lagoon beach with turquoise waters – a far cry from the arid and rugged areas to the south.

Turkey’s most impressive natural miracles, the Pamukkale mineral spa, translated as ‘cotton castle.’ Stunning white walkways of calcium-rich warm waters spring up from the earth and cascade over low cliffs, forming the crisp, snow-like landscape.

Alanya is a beautiful place to explore the cultural vibrancy of Turkey. Alanya is a paradise of sun, sea and sand. It works as a great holiday center with its primeval sandy beaches, modern hotels, and quality fish restaurants. The cafes that ring the harbor are broad gathering places for tourists and locals, with three blue flag shores and many sights, including Damlatas Cave, the Archaeology and Ethnography Museum, and the Dim Çayi Valley.

Patara Beach
It is very famous among tourist as there are numerous ancient archeological sites located near it. It is situated near the famous old Lycian city of Patara, Turkey near the Turkish Riviera coast. Patara Beach the one of the longest beach of Mediterranean regions and spread up to 18 kilometers.
Aspendos Theater
Aspendos theater, situated in Serik city of province Antalya in modern Turkey, is one of the most well preserved ancient sites of Turkey. Aspendos Theater was built during the reign of Roman ruler Marcus Aurelius in 155 AD. The reason it is still in its original state is because it was used as a curb motel for several years and was thoroughly maintained. Moreover, it is stagnant used as an amphitheater and can lodge almost twenty thousand people.

Historical Land of Turkey

To explore all these areas you need a person that knows all the details, every story, behind every open or closed door I mean a private local guide. It’s more favorable for you that you can hire a guide for one or several days and he or she will tell you all about the realities and best hidden secrets of the place you visit. Beautiful beach, great food, friendly atmosphere, amazing facilities for children as well as relaxing spots for parents overall, great holiday for each member of the family are there in the Turkey.